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Hazel Ochoa

2024-25 Season Captain

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Jacolet Van Eeden

2024-25 Season Chef

Kris & Aneta,
Thank you for making my first catamaran trip so amazing! The food and the service were absolutely amazing! I loved hearing all your amazing stories. Keep up the amazing work and have so much fun while doing it!


Aneta & Kris,
We are so appreciative of all the effort you guys put into making our trip simply superlative. The food/cocktails/captainry and most of all camaraderie were all wonderful. We will always remember this trip as just THE BEST.


Unforgettable 40th Birthday. Not since the water birth of my kids have I had such joy. Not even a spider man marathon could top this. You’ve helped us find the new adventure of scuba, which we hope to continue safely by practicing the DON’T, THINK! method. We hope your adventure continues with all “YES’s” and few “no’s” and may your darts always find the bullseye.

Your “WHO-DEY” Crew – Dana, Dave & Mike

Kris and Aneta

What can we say that hasn’t been said already? It was pure perfection from start to finish. You gave us an adventure of a lifetime. Thank you again, Fair Winds and Following Seas!

Dana, Mike & Dave

Kris and Aneta,
This has been the trip of a lifetime! Thank you for giving us and our boys such amazing memories! This truly was a great adventure! Kris & Aneta, you both are wonderful and we truly appreciate you guiding us through this experience, your hospitality & delicious cooking!

David, Nooshin, Jordan & Grayson

Kris & Aneta.
What a trip. We all had a wonderful time with a new adventure every day. Food was wonderful! Back to the snow and daily routine back home. Maybe we will find you on another great adventure – hope so.


Kris & Aneta,
Thank you for such an amazing week! This was one of the best trips I’ve ever had. We’ll be thinking about these meals (and desserts) long after we get home! We’ll keep in touch on Instagram and hope to join you on another adventure before too long!


Kris & Aneta,
This is truly one of our favorite vacations! We love being on a boat (where Tom truly smiles ear to ear the whole time!) The food has been over the top – now back to eating cheerios at home. We will keep in touch and please let us know if you are ever in the Boston area so that we can try to reciprocate.

Xoxo Donna

Kris & Aneta,
This has been one of the best trips of my life!! Everything that you’ve done for us has exceeded my expectations! I feel that we have gained friends on this trip. We will definitely stay in touch and hops to see you soon!

xx Emad xx

This was pretty amazing! There are no words to describe this adventure, I guess a “Great Adventure!” Haha Thank you for everything and making this adventure so fabulous for our birthday people. I even though it was my birthday too!!! Wonderful food and ninjas in the making bed section. Thanks for all! Loved it all, can’t even say the best part as it was all good!

Aniki & Blake 😊

Kris & Aneta!!
Thank you so much for a wonderful trip. Your attention to details exceeded our expectations. Thank you for making it sooo special. Best of wishes for your future and keep on rocking “Great Adventures” you guys!! Not enough adjectives to describe the AMAZING food! 5 Stars!! (Maybe even a Michelin!)

Love, Cynthia & Tracy